PHP Classes > In-House PHP Classes

CPU Load Reader
Calculate your CPU load under Linux
Currency Converter
Obtains exchange rates for various currencies
Lightweight, feature-rich template library
E-mail Composer
Compose & send text or HTML E-mail with attachments
HTML Converter
Converts simple HTML to PDF/RTF/Text
HTTP Retriever
HTTP Client Library with multiple fallbacks
libcurl Emulator
Ensures that your CURL-enabled script works anywhere
Linux Server Stats
Obtain uptime/load average details for your machine
MemCached Client
Client for the MemCache daemon
MySQL Library
MySQL wrapper class
OpenSSL Wrapper
Easy interface to OpenSSL encryption/decryption
PHP Jabber Client
Feature-rich PHP Jabber client library
Pie Chart
Create a simple pie chart
Roku SoundBridge Interface Library
Control your Roku SoundBridge from PHP
TCPServerHTTPd Class
Simple PHP HTTP server for tcpserver
TrueType Font Reader
Obtain metadata from TTF files
User Agent Detector
Detect a visitor's OS and browser
Wiki Parser
Retrieve and parse pages from MediaWiki-style wikis