Lots of updates
Oct 15, 2007
Posted by Steve Blinch
Updates are available today for a few of my code libraries:
  • PHP Jabber class - various minor fixes, experimental service discovery support.  No major complaints about the PHP5 support yet so I'm assuming it's working for everyone. :)
  • MySQL class - UTF-8 support, multiple-row insert, various minor changes.
  • Various minor fixes/features, nested includes, nested loops.
  • File browser - minor fixes.
Each update is available on its respective page.
BBS web interface back up
Aug 13, 2007
Posted by Steve Blinch
Looks like a number of folks have been stumbling across my web-based BBS interface, but found that it was down for the past month or so! Sorry. I've corrected the problem and it's back up again here.

If you've not tried it, and you fondly remember the days of dial-up BBS systems -- flamewars on FidoNet, hours wasted playing BRE and LORD, deliciously (painfully?) slow overnight Zmodem file transfers -- then you may want to give it a try. In short, I've cobbled together a frankenmonster of DOSEmu under Linux, some BBS software, and some PHP and (AJAX-ish) JavaScript code to build a realtime, web-based interface to a real 1990's-era DOS BBS resurrected from backup floppies.

It requires only a browser (no Java applets, no Flash, no telnet) making it ideal for the nostalgic-yet-lazy amongst us. :) Enjoy.
PHP5 support for Jabber Client Library
Aug 04, 2007
Posted by Steve Blinch
For those who are interested, I've made a pre-release copy of my Jabber class available which features PHP 5 support.  Note that it's not heavily tested, so it may (and likely will) be buggy, but it's a start.

Download here.
Centova Cast (shameless plug!)
Mar 04, 2007
Posted by Steve Blinch
About a year ago I started looking for a decent streaming server control panel for ShoutCast. What I needed was essentially a Plesk for ShoutCast streaming servers (well, IceCast, actually) -- something that allowed multiple streams to be hosted and managed on a single server, with server-side playlist management, bandwidth/disk quota support, and basically everything you'd expect from a standard web hosting control panel -- just tailored for streaming servers.

Suffice to say, I ended up pretty disappointed with what the market had to offer -- nothing really came close to what I wanted.

So I set out to build my own, and I'm happy to announce that after several months of live testing on a number of high-profile Internet radio streams, the first public release of Centova Cast, my streaming radio hosting control panel, is now available. It supports both ShoutCast and IceCast, disk/data transfer quotas, transfer and listener statistics, automatic uptime monitoring, and a variety of other features to automate the stream hosting process.

If you're in the streaming radio hosting business, or looking to setup your own stream, be sure to check it out!
First update of 2007
Feb 13, 2007
Posted by Steve Blinch
Back again with a few updates to my scripts:
  • DirecTemplate has received several new features including compound conditional expressions (and/or), template directory override support, and a number of new modifiers
  • HTTPRetriever now has intelligent caching support and a number of important bug fixes.
  • HTML Converter now supports images and simple tables in PDF documents
  • libcurl Emulator has been updated to fix a minor bug
That's it for now.  Check back soon as I'll be releasing my Delphi components for streaming radio servers/clients in the near future.
New XMPP and SoundBridge code!
Oct 11, 2006
Posted by Steve Blinch
It's been awhile, but I've finally got a couple of new scripts available, along with some updates to a few existing scripts.

First, the new stuff: A couple of folks have found my PHP Roku SoundBridge control library handy, so I've made that available here. You can use this to display messages on your SoundBridge's LCD display, stop/start music playback, change tracks, get the current song info, and so-on, all from within PHP. I personally use it to display caller ID information from my Asterisk box, among other things.

I've also had a few people ask for additional examples of how to use my PHP Jabber class. So combining that with the above -- wouldn't it be great to be able to control your Roku SoundBridge from your favorite XMPP client (Psi, Google Talk, etc)? Well, maybe not, but now you can! The first version of the XMPP Roku SoundBridge Control Daemon is now available.

Read on for details...
Build your own Asterisk@Home Xen domU
Aug 25, 2006
Posted by Steve Blinch
There seems to be a bit of interest in DIY Asterisk@Home domU installations, so I've posted my notes for building your own A@H Xen domU. Read on for full instructions.
Asterisk@Home Xen domU Image Available
Jul 05, 2006
Posted by Steve Blinch
A few months ago I decided to take the plunge into the world of VoIP. Being an Asterisk newbie, I figured I'd take the easy route and go with Asterisk@Home (now trixbox). I also happen to be a Xen fanatic, though, and I absolutely had to have Asterisk running in a Xen domU.

(Read on for more info and a domU download link.)
New and updated code
Jun 19, 2006
Posted by Steve Blinch
Updated versions of HTTPRetriever (including cookie support which I'll soon be porting to libcurlemu), DirecTemplate, and my SQL library are now available.

I've also released the first version of my Delphi MJPEG Decoder class. This lets you display MJPEG movie streams from a remote web server in your Delphi applications using a normal TImage component.
More minor updates and fixes
Apr 18, 2006
Posted by Steve Blinch
Several new updates are available for HTTPRetriever (incl. better redirect handling), Mailer (including better protection from header injection), DirecTemplate, and my MySQL library.

Also, the comments system here on BlitzAffe Code is fixed. :)
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