New Scripts!
Mar 19, 2006
Posted by Steve Blinch
A couple of new scripts are now available:

  • DDNS Server is a PHP implementation of a dynamic DNS server. It is compatible with the API, so you can use most clients to update it.

    If you already run a public DNS server (as I do), you might find that it makes more sense to run something like this on your domains than to mess around with third-party dynamic DNS providers.

  • TCPServerHTTPd is a pure-PHP implementation of a simple HTTP server, designed to run using the ucspi-tcp and daemontools packages (from qmail's DJB). It can be handy if you have a server with no web server installed, but want to setup a quick web interface for remote reporting or control.

    Note that this is just a base class; you need to subclass it and define your own request handler in order for it to do anything useful.

  • Also, a minor update is available for my MySQL Class.
Minor updates
Mar 04, 2006
Posted by Steve Blinch
Released minor updates for the HTTPRetriever, Mailer, and UserAgent PHP classes.

BlitzAffe Code Relaunched
Dec 20, 2005
Posted by Steve Blinch
I finally got around to relaunching BlitzAffe Code with a simple new design and a couple of dozen new open-source (GNU GPL and/or LGPL) downloads. 

Most of this code was written for various projects over the years and has come in handy for me, so hopefully it can be put to good use by some other developers out there.

I should be releasing more stuff on a regular basis -- check back often.

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