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This script was created to allow one of our clients to simultaneously maintain an online set of help pages on his website, and an identical Windows helpfile (in HTMLHelp/CHM format) to distribute with his application.

For those who don't know what HTMLHelp is, load up NotePad (or practically any other Windows application) and press F1 - the helpfile you see was created from a set of HTMLHelp source files, just like the ones this script produces.

This script takes a single plain textfile as input, and creates two separate sets of output files: one is a set of HTML files which can be displayed on a website; the other is a set of HTMLHelp source files, which can be compiled with Microsoft's HTMLHelp compiler.

This allows shareware authors (etc.) to maintain just ONE manual file, and still provide help pages on their website and a standard Windows helpfile with their application.

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Added: Dec 13, 2005 11:48 PM
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