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Centova Instant Messenger
Full-featured Jabber client in PHP
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Centova Messenger is a full-featured web-based instant messaging application, written in PHP, that is comparable in capabilities to many desktop IM clients. Some of its features include:
  • A completely web-based interface, requiring only Javascript and HTML (no ActiveX, Java applets, or other downloads required; optional Flash support for sound).
  • Typical contact list features, including presence and status messages.
  • Support for renaming, blocking, and removing contacts.
  • Support for conversation logging.
  • Realtime (optional) popup message notifications.
  • Cross-browser compatibility, compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0+, Netscape, and Mozilla-based browsers.
  • Sound support (with Flash plug-in).
  • Emoticons and clickable URLs in chat windows.
  • Dozens of settings for each user to customize.
  • Interoperability with third-party chat networks.
  • Plug-ins support, including a built-in RSS news feed reader.
Centova Messenger is a "realtime" chat application; it uses a technique similar to AJAX so that messages are transmitted and received instantly in realtime.

Note that Centova Messenger is a commercial product; normally I don't include commercial stuff here on BlitzAffe Code, but this is an exception as I designed Centova Cast myself.
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Added: Mar 04, 2007 07:24 PM
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