New Scripts!
Mar 19, 2006 01:57 AM
Posted by Steve Blinch
A couple of new scripts are now available:

  • DDNS Server is a PHP implementation of a dynamic DNS server. It is compatible with the API, so you can use most clients to update it.

    If you already run a public DNS server (as I do), you might find that it makes more sense to run something like this on your domains than to mess around with third-party dynamic DNS providers.

  • TCPServerHTTPd is a pure-PHP implementation of a simple HTTP server, designed to run using the ucspi-tcp and daemontools packages (from qmail's DJB). It can be handy if you have a server with no web server installed, but want to setup a quick web interface for remote reporting or control.

    Note that this is just a base class; you need to subclass it and define your own request handler in order for it to do anything useful.

  • Also, a minor update is available for my MySQL Class.
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