New XMPP and SoundBridge code!
Oct 11, 2006 12:00 AM
Posted by Steve Blinch
It's been awhile, but I've finally got a couple of new scripts available, along with some updates to a few existing scripts.

First, the new stuff: A couple of folks have found my PHP Roku SoundBridge control library handy, so I've made that available here. You can use this to display messages on your SoundBridge's LCD display, stop/start music playback, change tracks, get the current song info, and so-on, all from within PHP. I personally use it to display caller ID information from my Asterisk box, among other things.

I've also had a few people ask for additional examples of how to use my PHP Jabber class. So combining that with the above -- wouldn't it be great to be able to control your Roku SoundBridge from your favorite XMPP client (Psi, Google Talk, etc)? Well, maybe not, but now you can! The first version of the XMPP Roku SoundBridge Control Daemon is now available.

Read on for details...
When you run this little script, your Roku SoundBridge shows up as a contact in your contact list. Just send it an instant message, and you can change tracks, start/stop playback, or display messages on your SoundBridge's display. The script automatically sets the contact's status message to the current song title, too, so you can always check your roster to see what song is playing.

Even if you don't own a SoundBridge, this script should serve as a better example of how the PHP Jabber class works.

Finally, the updates: New versions of DirecTemplate (v1.1.9) and HTTPRetriever (also v1.1.9) are now available, as well as minor updates to my MIME mailer and MySQL wrapper libraries.
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